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It was now three months since she had attended the discipline centre and been punished for being caught smoking twice in public. She remembered so vividly how painful the punishment was, but also how much respect she suddenly had for the teenage policewomen who worked at the centre and disciplined the offenders. It was when she attended one I stared in horror at the neon green numbers on my clock.

The university I was attending this year was incredibly strict. There was no other college like it in the world - but I knew they would push You stand in front of me while I'm sitting on the couch. Your hands are behind your back. I make you wait in anticipation of the inevitable spanking as I tell you that you are to be punished and why. Now tell me what you deserve. Inside the van were two convicted prisoners, Rick and Michelle Bodnarchuk. The Canadian tourists had no idea that the incident was so I cannot believe how crazy this day has been.

It all started when my stupid alarm went off when I was just about to cum. I knew I would be late for work if I did not get out of bed immediately so I did not have time to finish. My pent-up sexual frustration set me off on a naughty streak that had only escalated as the day went on.

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I made my first poor decisions of the day while getting Storey opened her filing cabinet and spent a few moments flicking through the collection of documents Martha arrived once again at the discipline centre. Having suffered her punishment, she then attended the following week for a feedback meeting and to agree on future behaviour. She was told to attend a weekly session after that, in a group of other offenders, which was intended to help them behave in the future.

Martha thought that was a good idea and so signed up for it. Today, she went Jo and Lucy could not believe how well their business was going. Karen was now employed every weekend and got fifty pounds per day and was happy with it. Jo thought she was not trying very hard to find work either. You wink as you pass me and trail your fingers along my arm. My fingers itch with excitement as I tear back the neatly folded edges, and I Dale Brown and Mary Barton both knew they had done wrong and been caught out. They were both sixty-six-years-old and teachers at a sixth form college for girls.

They have been teachers all their lives and were used to disciplining those girls that misbehaved. However, it now seems that it was their turn. Sometimes, Karen did use the phrase "making love" to impress the young girl. Thursday, September 21, Real Life Story. I'm confused. Friday, September 15, Note to anonymous commenters.

I've just been super busy. I have a lot of stories buzzing around in my head though. For all you people that write anonymous comments, please add a name at the end so I know who to reply to! I don't care if it's fake. I just want to know who to address.

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Tuesday, April 18, Shoplifter. A guest author has submitted this story. Aunt May was only 27, a trophy wife, just nine years older than my 18 years and she thought she was "all that. But she was an adult, my "elder" and I was raised to obey and respect all adults Which was why I was shaking when I took the phone, hearing my angry mother's voice, "Rachel! How could you!? You have one minute to explain yourself young lady!

It says here you were arrested last month for drunk and disorderly conduct, indecent exposure, public urination, disturbing the peace, resisting arrest and assault of a police officer. Furthermore, your blood alcohol level was. Well we're going to discuss your behavior and give you some mental exercises to help control your impulses.

First, let's begin with Wait, please," Evan begged. But it didn't matter.

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When she tapped and looked at him all he saw were her blue eyes like still pools of water. Then the paddle smacked across his ass.

Ed had grabbed it and was dragging her to the kitchen! You've been getting too big for your britches lately. Her stomach started to flipflop.

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Had she gone too far? I'm sorry", she started whining. But Ed's hand didn't loosen. He pushed her towards the counter and in a second had yanked down her shorts.

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Then her panties. Our guest author has kindly submitted another story about her real life introduction to the world of spanking. Last time I wrote of my first experience having been spanked by my husband. I told you I was a housewife and this is still largely true, well it is now anyway! However a month or so after that first spanking my husband had relented and let me return to work on a very part time basis, working as an agency nurse for no more than 24hrs a week. This agreement was on the condition that I didn't attend any wards with forensic patients. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this term, it means that the client is dangerous to themselves or others and often criminally culpable.

Stupidly, I decided to ignore this specific instruction and for 3 weeks in a row had attended a maximum security ward. I thought I'd made a decent compromise as this ward only detained female offenders but it turns out I was wrong as on the 5th of 8 planned shifts I was violently assaulted leading to nothing more than a few angry bruises and a bruised ego.

Unfortunately those bruises were on my face and there would be no way to hide them from my husband. Here's my latest attempt. If there's sufficient interest I will continue.

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He was dressed in one of those gowns they give you at the hospital. Thin, flimsy cloth that loosely draped in front down to his knees. In the back, tied closed by a few narrow strips of cloth. Definitely embarrassing.

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Most the times he kept his head down, embarrassed at his appearance.